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Research Groups

Kari Alitalo

Kari Alitalo
Academy Professor, M.Sc.D.

Group focuses on tumor targeting by inhibition of tumor vasculature and lymphatic metastasis development.
Alitalo Group

Caj Haglund Caj Haglund
Professor, M.Sc.D.

Haglund Group
Carina Holmberg-Still Carina Holmberg-Still
Academy Research Fellow, Ph.D.

Holmberg-Still Group
Michael Jeltsch

Michael Jeltsch
Academy Research Fellow, Ph.D.

Jeltsch Group

Heikki Joensuu Heikki Joensuu
Academy Professor, M.Sc.D.

Clinical studies on breast cancer, gastrointestinal stromal tumor and other tumor types. Translational studies related to novel cancer treatments, including studies on samples collected from patients who participate in clinical trials.
Joensuu Group
Jorma Keski-Oja Jorma Keski-Oja
Professor, M.Sc.D.

We focus on modulators of cell growth, invasion and pericellular proteolysis. Targets involve matrix metalloproteinases, netrins, TGF-beta and its binding proteins LTBPs.
Keski-Oja Group
Juha Klefström Juha Klefström
Academy Research Fellow, Ph.D.

Klefström Group
Katri Koli Katri Koli
Docent, Ph.D.

Koli-group focuses on extracellular regulation of TGF-β/BMP family growth factors and their functions in malignant and fibrotic lung diseases.
Koli Group
Pirjo Laaksonen Pirjo Laakkonen
Professor, Research Director, Ph.D.

K. Albin Johansson Senior Cancer Researcher
Laakkonen Group

Päivi M. Ojala

Päivi M. Ojala
Professor, Ph.D.
K. Albin Johansson Research Professor
Ojala Group

Pipsa Saharinen Pipsa Saharinen

Academy Research Fellow, Docent, Ph.D.

Group focuses on the endothelial Angiopoietin-Tie growth factor receptor pathway, and its potential use in anti-angiogenic tumor therapies.
Saharinen Group