Michael Jeltsch
    Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Academy Research Fellow

    Translational Cancer Biology Research Program
    Institute of Biomedicine
    Biomedicum Helsinki

    P.O. Box 63 (Haartmaninkatu 8)
    FI-00014 University of Helsinki

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You want to work with us?

Sure, we are looking for post-doctoral fellows, graduate (PhD) students and undergraduate students (Pro Gradu/MSc project, exchange students) in the field of molecular & cellular biology/biochemistry. If you are interested in working with us, send your applications or enquiries to Michael Jeltsch. Please start your applications well ahead of time (it usually takes a long time to allocate money to pay your salary or apply for a grant).

NEW (Nov. 20, 2016)

Open postdoctoral researcher position (synthetic biology, antibody technology, antibody drug development)

We are looking for a second postdoctoral researcher to join our team. The projects involve - apart from enthusiasm and dedication - the setup of novel methods and requires knowledge and experience in the areas of molecular biology (cloning, mutagenesis), E. coli genetics, protein analysis (Western, IP, ELISA), protein purification (basics) and cell culture (transfection, cell line establishment). Knowledge in bioinformatics will be advantageous. Project goals include improvements of in-vitro antibody generation technologies and the generation of antibodies. Details will be discussed in the job interview.

The postdoctoral position is for two years and will start during spring 2017 with a probation period. The salary is based on the standard University of Helsinki salary system. Applications are considered as soon as they arrive and there is no fixed closing date since before we can hire, we have to relocate our lab in-house to have more lab space, which will happen sometime during spring 2017.

How to apply?

If you are interested, please send your application including CV, motivation letter and names of two people who would be willing to provide references with contact information as a single pdf-document to michael@jeltsch.org with a notification "MSc position"/"PhD position"/"Postdoc position" in the subject line of the mail. Please also attach or link to a short (maximally 2 minutes long) video, in which you explain, why you want to join our lab and why you are the candidate that we should chose. Please follow these instructions as I do not guarantee to answer applications that don't fulfill these formal requirements.

Educating students during a MSc thesis project requires a significant investment from the bench supervisor, which is typically either an experienced PhD student or postdoc. If you apply for a MSc thesis project, please let us know the following things upfront:

  • How much time have you allocated for the MSc project? When do you want/need to start the work?
  • Would it be possible for you to make a shorter (e.g. one month) internship in order to evaluate first whether you are a good fit for the project?
  • How much practical lab experience do you have and in which laboratories did you gather it?
  • Are you funded during the MSc project work or do need a salaried position?

For further information, see http://lab.jeltsch.org or contact Michael Jeltsch by e-mail (michael@jeltsch.org).