Michael Jeltsch
    Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Academy Research Fellow

    Translational Cancer Biology Research Program
    Institute of Biomedicine
    Biomedicum Helsinki

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    FI-00014 University of Helsinki

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Protein production and purification core facility

We are maintaining the Biomedical Protein Production and Purification (B3P) core facility (aka as Äkta core facility). You can use the WAVE to produce your protein of interest and the Äkta to purify it. You find more info on the B3P core facility's own pages.

Molecular biology, cloning and other useful stuff

This section is under constant development! Here publish lists of our research reagents. At the moment, you can check which restriction enzymes are available and coming soon is a list of our recombinant proteins.

Enzyme lists

We still use fairly often old-fashioned restriction enzyme cloning to assemble our expression constructs. If you only need a few microlitres (or if you are waiting for your enzyme to arrive and want to borrow something for the initial fragment generation), please ask!
* Displaying our enzyme list works only inside the Helsinki University network since it polls our intranet server directly!

Restriction enzymes*

Other enzymes*