Juha Klefström

    Ph.D., Research Director, Principal Investigator/Medical Faculty

    Translational Cancer Biology Research Program
    Institute of Biomedicine
    Biomedicum Helsinki

    P.O. Box 63 (Haartmaninkatu 8)
    FI-00014 University of Helsinki

    Tel. +358 2 941 25493
    Fax +358 2 941 25610


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Cancer Cell Circuitry Laboratory

Klefström Lab Klefström Lab

Oncogenic signaling pathways as therapeutic targets in breast cancer

Our laboratory explores the mechanisms whereby non-receptor oncogenes and tumor suppressors alter cell signaling in breast cancer and develops genetic and pharmacological therapeutic approaches to intervene these pathological signaling cascades. The signaling circuitries are intervened in three-dimensional context using mammary epithelial cell line-based and ex vivo organoid cultures and in vivo models of mammary gland and breast cancer. Our recent work has exposed novel dependencies between tumor suppressor Lkb1 loss and serine protease activation, which pathways are relevant in tumor invasion. Furthermore, we investigate a metabolic addiction pathway connecting Myc-induced metabolic reprogramming via AMPK to p53 and mitochondrial apoptosis pathway. We are currently testing therapeutic intervention strategies specifically targeting deregulated serine protease pathways, cancer cell metabolism and apoptosis in preclinical models of breast cancer, hoping to translate scientific discoveries to clinical investigation and ultimately, to benefit of a cancer patient.

For more information, visit our Research pages or contact the lab head Juha Klefstrom. For open positions in the lab, click Positions and Training.

The Lab

Klefström Lab   We are about 10 researchers, including postdocs, graduate students and technicians, dedicated to translate high-impact laboratory discoveries to the benefit of breast cancer patient. For more information about us, research approaches and environment; visit The Lab and Core Facilities.