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Biomedicum Sequencing Unit (BSU)

Contact Information:

Tapio Tainola

Biomedicum Helsinki
Room A510
PO Box 63 (Haartmaninkatu 8)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Tel. +358 9 191 25565
Fax. +358 9 191 25510

e-mail :


Photo: Biomedicum Sequencing Unit, T. Tainola

The BSU core facility provides services in sequencing of customer's DNA templates (plasmid DNA, PCR products). Sequencing reactions are performed at the unit using Applied Biosystems Big Dye Terminator (v1.1) kit for PCR and analysed by Applied Biosystems  ABI Prism 3130xl 16 capillary Genetic Analyzer. The Facility offers M13-F, M13-R, T7, T3 and SP6 primers, whereas special primers should be provided by the customer.

The unit services 30 groups at the campus including Biomedicum Helsinki, Haartman Institute and the hospital researchers. Over 11 000 sequencing reactions were run in 2004.

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