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Meilahti Protein Chemistry Facility


The Meilahti Protein Chemistry Facility provides a wide range of services to both internal and external customers, and operates in two units.

Protein Chemistry/Proteomics Unit

This unit administered by Marc Baumann is located at Biomedicum Helsinki has at its disposal the requisite equipment needed in modern microchemical protein analyses as well as protein purification and isolation. Special services include identification and sequencing of proteins, characterization of protein interactions and proteome analysis of samples. The services furnished by the unit also include supervised working in its premises and regular training courses in modern protein chemistry organized by the unit personnel. Please follow link for more detailed information:

Peptide - and Protein Laboraroty PeproLab

This unit administered by Hilkka Lankinen at the Haartman Institute has served scientists at Meilahti Campus and Biocentrum Helsinki since 1994.  Through the core facility we function as collaborators in interaction analytics, Biacore 2000�, peptide arrays, phage-display peptide and protein libraries, preparative liquid chromatography (BioCAD), synthetic peptides (433A) and phage-display biopannings. Our present technological challenge is peptide microarrays in collaboration with German Research Centre for Biotechnology at Braunschweig and proteomics research collaborations. We arrange annual peptide symposia in Finland and organize the 30th European Peptide Symposium. Please follow link for more detailed information: