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Program office
GSB Research Program
Program Secretary Tiia Pelkonen
P.O. Box 63
00014 University of Helsinki
phone +358 9 191 25677


Genome-scale biology (GSB) research program is a multi-disciplinary effort to bring together internationally acclaimed investigators from different disciplines to focus on a common goal: genome-scale, high-throughput biological research and its translation into medical benefits. GSB consists of scientifically highly skilled groups sharing the overall goals but spanning complementing expertise. The participating groups are carefully selected to result in expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology, high-throughput technologies, mathematical and computational modelling, and clinics.

The focus areas of GSB are 1) comprehensive analysis of signalling transduction pathways that regulate important cell processes such as cell cycle, 2) cancer gene identification combining in silico methods with high-throughput technologies, and 3) translation of genome-scale discoveries towards diagnostics and therapeutics. GSB strives for these goals by utilizing extensively several high-throughput technologies, especially in genomics, transcriptional regulation, and cell-based functional screening and combine the data emerging from these technologies with methodological advances to integrate such data in a reliable manner.

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