Contact information

Sampsa Hautaniemi, Prof.

Biomedicum Helsinki, B524b
P.O.Box 63 (Haartmaninkatu 8)
phone +358 2941 25419

Twitter @HautaniemiLab



Alumni and theses

PhD theses:

Ping Chen:
Quantitative study of transcriptome dynamics during evolution and treatment resistance in cancer (2016) [e-thesis]

Riku Louhimo:
Biomedical data integration in cancer genomics (2015) [e-thesis]

Ville Rantanen:krisu figure
Integration platform for biomedical image analysis (2015) [e-thesis]

Kristian Ovaska:
Computational methods for analyzing complex high-throughput data from cancers (2014) [e-thesis]

sirkku figure

Sirkku Karinen:
Computational methods to analyze molecular determinants behind phenotypes (2013) [e-thesis]


ML graph

Marko Laakso:
Data integration methods to interpret genome-scale data from cancers (2012) [e-thesis]


AM graph

Anna-Maria Lahesmaa-Korpinen:
Computational approaches in high-throughput proteomics data analysis (2012) [e-thesis]

MSc theses:

Julia Casado:
Integrating ENCODE data to model transcriptional regulation (2014)

Chiara Facciotto:
MethylFlow: A novel pipeline for preprocessing and analysis of bisulfite sequencing DNA methylation data (2013)

Erkka Valo:
Prediction of drug effects in gene regulatory networks: Boolean modeling approach (2013)

Amjad Alkodsi:
Comparison of somatic copy number alteration detection algorithms in whole-genome and whole-exome data (2013)AC figure

Alejandra Cervera:
Computational framework for systematic and scalable analysis of deep sequencing transcriptomics data (2012) [e-thesis]

Ali Oghabian:
Application of the biclustering and conventional clustering methods in microarray data analysis (2011)

Chengyu Liu:
Ensemble learning for predicting breast cancer metastasis using high-throughput expression data (2010)

Kari Nousiainen:anduril figure
Petri nets in simulating TNF-α induced cellular signaling (2010)

Riku Louhimo:
Integrating exon array comparative genomic hybridization data in glioblastoma (2010)

Kristian Ovaska:
Component-based workflow framework for gene expression microarray analysis (2009)

Ping Chen:
Computational approaches for alternative splicing analysis using exon arrays (2009)

Sirkku Karinen:
Computational identification of compound heterozygotes using haplotypes (2008)

ML MSc figure 1Marko Laakso:
Computational identification of recessive mutations in cancer using high throughput SNP-arrays (2007) [e-thesis]

MD theses

Rony Lindell:
Next-generation sequencing using the Anduril framework (2016)

BSc theses

Erkka Valo:
Identifying combinatorial intervention strategies for gene regulatory networks (2012)

Janne Peltola:
Androgen receptor induced gene regulation prediction in prostate cancer with random forest algorithm (2008)

Postdocs advised

Javier Nuñez-Fontarnau
Postdoctoral associate 2009-2014

Vladimir Rogojin
Postdoctoral associate 2010-2013

Elena Czeizler
Postdoctoral associate 2010-2012

Jianmin Wu
Postdoctoral associate 2006-2010