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Juha Klefström
Ph.D, Docent

Biomedicum Helsinki
PO Box 63 (Haartmaninkatu 8)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Tel. +358 9 191 25493
Fax. +358 9 191 25444


Cancer Cell Circuitry Laboratory

 Photo: Klefström Laboratory Members

Our laboratory is located in Biomedicum Helsinki and is affiliated with the Institute of Biomedicine and the Genome-Scale Biology Program. From Jan 2013, we are part of Translational Cancer Biology Research Program.

We seek to identify the molecular and genetic mechanisms instructing mammary epithelial cells to form highly organized and polarized acinar structures and to determine how dysfunctions in these mechanisms promote breast cancer growth and invasion. Much of our research has sought answers to a simple question: Does stable epithelial structure present a roadblock for tumor development and if so, which genes and pathways destabilize epithelial integrity so that tumors can further develop? Our recent investigations have identified novel molecular pathways and mechanisms contributing to loss of epithelial integrity during tumor invasion and, we hope that our work will guide development of new type of pharmacological strategies to inhibit cancer invasion and metastasis.

We use combinations of retroviral & lentiviral gene transfer techniques, genetic, biochemical & cellular analyses, chemical biology as well as functional genomics approaches to explore the effects of oncogenes on the life and death decisions of cells. In our research, it is particularly important to determine how tumor cell pathways work in biologically appropriate context and therefore, we have established various complex models of mammary gland and breast cancer using 3D, ex vivo and in vivo tissue reconstitution techniques.

For more information, click here for a list of current projects or contact Juha Klefstrom.

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