Research Group Principal Investigator

    Seppo Meri, Professor of Immunology, Chief Physician

    Haartman Institute
    Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, Room B323
    P.O. Box 21, Haartmaninkatu 3 00014 University of Helsinki Finland

    Tel: +358 2941 26758
    Mobile + 358 50 5812462
    Email: seppo.meri [at]

Contact Information

Postal Address
Immunobiology Research Program
P.O.Box 21, Haartmaninkatu 3
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Visiting Address
Haartman Institute
Haartmaninkatu 3
00290 Helsinki

Tel. +358 2941 1911 (tel. exchange)
Fax + 358 2941 26382
Email name.lastname [at]

Meri Laboratory - Presentation

Meri Laboratory

The Meri research group has for long had an interest in sorting out how and why the complement system contributes to disease pathogenesis, how the system is controlled and how pathogenic microbes and tumor cells escape complement attack. Abnormalities in complement regulation lead directly to a variety of immunological diseases and are involved also in cardiovascular, immunological and rheumatic diseases. Read more about our current research projects.