Research Group Contact Information

    Päivi Saavalainen, PhD, Docent of Medical Molecular Genetics

    Haartman Institute
    Immunobiology Research Program, Room B325
    P.O. Box 21, Haartmaninkatu 3 00014 University of Helsinki Finland

    Tel: +358 2941 25086
    Email: paivi.saavalainen [at]

Contact Information

Postal Address
Immunobiology Research Program
P.O.Box 21, Haartmaninkatu 3
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Visiting Address
Haartman Institute
Haartmaninkatu 3
00290 Helsinki

Tel. +358 2941 1911 (tel. exchange)
Fax + 358 2941 26382
Email name.lastname [at]

Molecular genetics of immunological diseases - Presentation

Our team focuses on genetic risk factors and immunopathogenesis of gastrointestinal autoimmune type of diseases such as celiac disease (CD) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

We utilize large family and case-control materials from Finland, Hungary and Romania for whole genome SNP and sequencing based approaches of gene mapping. In addition we study the HLA-antigen-TCR interactions in autoimmunity by systematic screening of antigenic epitopes, HLA-allele associations in these diseases and deep sequencing of T cell receptor repertoires and T cell characteristics in public responses to disease triggering antigens. For detailed cell phenotyping we use novel single cell RNAseq methods.

Together with our collaborators we form a dynamic and multidisciplinary team with experts in genetics, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnostics and clinical aspects of celiac disease and autoimmunity in general. Read more about about our current research.