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Diabetes and Obesity Research Program

BiomedicumResearch Programs Unit of the Faculty of Medicine is a top-quality research environment. The Diabetes and Obesity Research Program was selected for 2013-2017 and it comprises seven closely integrated research groups. In total, about 100 people (professors, senior scientists, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral students and support staff) from the University of Helsinki, Helsinki University Central Hospital, National Institute for Health and Welfare, and Folkhälsan Research Center take part in the Diabetes and Obesity Research Program. The program director is professor Mikael Knip.

The principal investigators and research groups of the Diabetes and Obesity Research Program are

The Diabetes and Obesity Research Program brings together the best research in the field of diabetes in Finland. The multifactorial causes of the metabolic derangements in diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity are complex and hard to unravel. The research program bridges the clinical and basic research and  covers the life course from birth to death: the intrauterine stage of future diabetic or overweight patients, T1, T2 and monogenic diabetes, obesity, cardiometabolic risk factors and diabetic complications comprising a full spectrum of basic, molecular genetic, clinical, epidemiological and translational research approaches.

The translational approach is strengthened by the fact that most participants are actively involved in clinical patient care and trials. Thus results obtained in the program will easily be implemented to the clinic. The program also supports research training and career development within a broader scope than would be possible without the consortium.

In addition to close collaboration with each other, the groups cooperate with various national and international specialist organizations, research institutions, institutions of higher education, and business organizations. Please follow the links on the top of the page to read more about the projects of the research groups!


Biomedicum, Meilahti

The Academy of Finland has extended FinMIT's period as a Centre of Excellence in Research. During 2014 – 2019 the research teams composing FinMIT are Howard Jacobs, Brendan Battersby, Kirsi Pietiläinen and Anu Wartiovaara.