Sigrid Jusélius Symposium

Translation of Immunity, Inflammation and Cancer Mechanisms

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Sunday June 11

Welcome session
Chairs: Kari Alitalo & Riitta Lahesmaa
17:00   Sirpa Jalkanen: Opening words
    Sigrid Jusélius Foundation
17:05   Kari Alitalo, Heikki Joensuu & Riitta Lahesmaa: Welcome
    Organizing committee
17:10   Ira Mellman: Oncology meets immunology in drug development
    Genentech, San Francisco CA
17:50   Anjana Rao: TET methylcytosine oxidases, immune responses and cancer
    La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, La Jolla CA
18:30   Welcome reception

Monday June 12

Session 1: Stem cells in cancer
Chair: Tomi Mäkelä
8:30   David Scadden: Heterogeneity in the making of blood
    Harvard & Massachusetts General Hospital
9:05   Eduard Batlle: Mechanisms of immune evasion and metastasis in colorectal cancer
    Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona
9:40   Frederic de Sauvage: Targeting intestinal stem cells in cancer
    Genentech, San Francisco CA
10:15   Coffee break/Press conference
Session 2: Regulatory networks and mouse models
Chair: Tuomas Tammela
10:55   Anton Berns: Mouse models of lung cancer
    Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
11:30   Julien Sage: Intra-tumoral heterogeneity and response to therapy in SCLC
    Stanford University, Stanford CA
12:05   Lunch
Session 3: Signaling and regulation of the immune system
Chair: Riitta Lahesmaa
13:15   Hidde Ploegh: Imaging immunity
    Boston Children's Hospital, Boston MA
13:50   Jonathan Powell: Targeting metabolism to enhance cancer immunotherapy
    Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
14:25   Coffee break
15.05   Sankar Ghosh: NF-kB, inflammation and cancer
    Columbia University, New York NY
15:40   Micheal Sieweke: Epigenetic control of macrophage self renewal, identity and function
    Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, Marseille
Poster viewing
16:15   Poster viewing
    With refreshments
18:00   Speaker's archipelago cruise, by invitation only

Tuesday June 13

Session 3: New approaches
Chair: Harri Lähdesmäki
8:30   Mark Davis: Concerted mobilization of different T cell types in autoimmunity
    Stanford University, Stanford CA
9:05   Satu Mustjoki: Novel somatic mutations in patients with autoimmune disorders
    University of Helsinki, Helsinki
9:40   Patrick Hogan: Calcium channels and immune function - new tools and therapeutic opportunities
    La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, La Jolla CA
10:15   Coffee break
Session 4: Immune therapies
Chair: Mikael Knip
10:55   Roland Kolbeck: Targeting type-1 interferon for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
    MedImmune, Bethesda MD
11:30   Olli Silvennoinen: JAK kinases as therapeutic targets
    University of Tampere, Tampere
12:05   Lunch
Session 5: Cancer niches and stem cells
Chair: Kari Alitalo
13:15   Calvin Kuo: Organoid modeling of tumor-stroma interactions
    Stanford University, Stanford CA
13:50   Omer Yilmaz: Dietary control of stem cells and cancer in obesity
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA
14:25   Coffee break
15:05   Tuomas Tammela: Investigating cellular heterogeneity in cancer
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA
15:40   Pekka Katajisto: Age-induced changes in the stem cell niche and intestinal regeneration
    University of Helsinki, Helsinki
Poster session
Chairs: Päivi Ojala & Mika Rämet
16:00   Moderated short communications & Best abstract award
17:15   Poster session
    With refreshments
18:15   Symposium dinner

Wednesday June 14

Session 7: Improving outcomes
Chair: Heikki Joensuu
8:30   Dieter Saur: Modeling and targeting pancreatic cancer and its microenvironment
    Technical University of Munich, Munich
9:05   Olli Kallioniemi: Systematic analysis of drug responses in patient-derived cancer cells
    Science for Life Laboratory, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
9:40   Pasi Jänne: Strategies to prevent and overcome resistance to EGFR inhibitors in lung cancer
    Dana-Farber Cancer Insitute, Boston MA
10:15   Coffee break
Session 8: Immune check-point therapy
Chair: Sirpa Jalkanen
10:55   Padmanee Sharma: From the clinic to the lab: investigating response and resistance mechanisms to immune checkpoint therapy
    University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston TX
11:30   James Allison: Immune checkpoint blockade in cancer therapy: new insights into mechanisms
    University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston TX
12:05   Heikki Joensuu: Closing remarks
12:20   End