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Molecular Cancer Biology Program
About the program:
Research groups
  • Aaltonen
  • Alitalo
  • Joensuu, Leppä
  • Keski-Oja
  • Laakkonen
  • Laiho
  • Mäkelä
  • Ojala
  • Petrova
  • Ristimäki
  • Taipale

Affiliated groups

  • Hemminki
  • Klefström
  • Salvén
 Program's personnel  

Molecular and Cancer Biology Research Program is one of the six research programs established at the Biomedicum Helsinki building. The program is coordinated by Academy Professors Kari Alitalo and Lauri Aaltonen and Professor Tomi Mäkelä.

Molecular and Cancer Biology Research Program deals with various aspect in the regulation of normal and aberrant cell growth, the formation of blood and lymphatic vessels, the control of cell cycle as well as cell death. In addition, genetic factors involved in the predisposition and development of cancer are the focus areas of this program. State-of-the-art molecular and cell biological approaches are used to examine the role of angiogenesis (and its inhibition) in cancer cell spreading together with various cellular events such as cell-to-cell communication, covalent modification of regulatory proteins and the role of extracellular proteins in cancer cell migration.

The program consists of nine research groups (Aaltonen, Alitalo, Joensuu, Keski-Oja, Laiho, Mäkelä, Ojala, Ristimäki, Taipale) and three affiliated research groups (Hemminki, Klefström, Salvén) working in close proximity to one another. The reserch groups of Alitalo, Keski-Oja, Laiho, Mäkelä form the Academy of Finland Center of Excellence on Molecular Cancer Biology. The Aaltonen group is part of Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in Disease Genetics.

The program provides centralized services to the investigators, i.e., core facility services. These core facility services are available for all research groups working on the Meilahti medical campus.

Page updated December 22, 2006

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