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Image analysis services

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Systems Biology Unit (SBU) provides consultation for imaging related biological experiments, and the analysis of images produced from such experiments. The SBU services include experimental design, image processing/analysis, data analysis and visualization of the analysis, as well as bioimage informatics infrastructure and method development, deployment and training. The SBU collaborates closely with other core facilities, such as the Biomedicum Imaging Unit (BIU) that provides imaging instruments and training services.

SBU's strength lies in custom processing of images, fast development of analysis pipelines, high flexibility and reusability. The analysis pipelines are constructed in our in-house workflow engine (Anduril), and it's image analysis extension (Anima). Consultation is offered especially for the major open source platforms.

The pricing of basic service is 500 EUR (0% VAT) for orders within the university of Helsinki. For more information on services and pricing please contact