Program at a glance

Sunday, June 3, 2018

17:00-19:30   Plenary session I
    Co-sponsored by Aerpio Pharmaceuticals - Targeting the Tie2 pathway for novel therapeutics
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Chairs: Lena Claesson-Welsh, Pipsa Saharinen & Kari Alitalo
    Napoleone Ferrara (San Diego, CA, USA)
    Current state of anti-angiogenic therapies
    Susan Quaggin (Chicago, IL, USA)
Stolen identities - new vascular phenotypes Tie'd to disease
    Helen Hobbs (Dallas, TX, USA)
    ANGPTLs, lipid metabolism and energy homeostasis
19:30   Welcome Reception at Finlandia Hall

Monday, June 4, 2018

8:30-9:50   Plenary session II
    Sponsored by Aerpio Pharmaceuticals - Targeting the Tie2 pathway for novel therapeutics
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Chairs: Hellmut Augustin & Luisa Iruela-Arispe
    Elisabetta Dejana (Milan, Italy & Uppsala, Sweden)
    Transcriptional regulation of the brain microvasculature
    Gou Young Koh (Daejeon, Korea)
    Organotypic vasculatures: maintenance and pathophysiology
9:50-10:15   Coffee Break

    Parallel sessions 1-4
10:15-12:15   Parallel session 1: Atherosclerosis
    Sponsored by the Japanese Vascular Biology and Medicine Organisation
    Helsinki Hall
    Chairs: Yvonne Alexander & Petri Kovanen
    Klaus Ley (La Jolla, CA, USA)
    T cell immune response in atherosclerosis
    Masayuki Yoshida (Tokyo, Japan)
    A novel role of neutrophils in vascular inflammation and atherosclerosis induced by high fat diet
    Tetsuya Matoba (Fukuoka, Japan)
    Role of oxysterols in endothelial dysfunction and atherothrombosis
    Short talk: Yun Fang (Chicago, IL, USA)
    Coronary artery disease locus 1p32.2 harbors a flow-sensitive endothelial enhancer that regulates PLPP3
    Short talk: Kim Pin Yeo (Singapore, Singapore)
    Aortic lymphatic vessel: for or against atherosclerosis in experimental models?

10:15-12:15   Parallel session 2: Blood brain barrier
    Veranda 1
    Chairs: Jean-Leon Thomas & Berislav Zlokovic
    Calvin Kuo (Stanford, CA, USA)
    Molecular regulation of the blood-brain barrier
    Berislav Zlokovic (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
    Alzheimer's disease: A matter of dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier?
    Injune Kim (Daejeon, Korea)
    Signalings for adult blood-retina barrier maintenance
    Short talk: Patric Turowski (London, UK)
    VEGF receptor signalling in the leaky neural endothelium
    Short talk: Christian Ramakers (Leiden, The Netherlands)
    BBB on-a-chip: a 3D in vitro model of the human blood brain barrier (BBB)

10:15-12:15   Parallel session 3: TIE2 pathway in vascular disease
    Sponsored by Aerpio Pharmaceuticals - Targeting the Tie2 pathway for novel therapeutics
    Veranda 2
    Chairs: Samir Parikh & Susan Quaggin
    Hellmut Augustin (Heidelberg, Germany)
    Mechanisms of vascular maturation and quiescence
    Pipsa Saharinen (Helsinki, Finland)
    New mechanisms of vascular leakage
    Dietmar Vestweber (Münster, Germany)
    Mechanisms that regulate leukocyte diapedesis and endothelial junctions
    Short talk: Sarah Mueller (Durham, NC, USA)
    The scaffolding protein Caskin2 regulates vascular homeostasis downstream of Angiopoietin/Tie receptor signaling
    Short talk: Elizabeth Jones (Leuven, Belgium)
    Shear stress and VE-cadherin: The molecular mechanism of vascular fusion

10:15-12:15   Parallel session 4: Metabolic disease
    Sponsored by Novo Nordisk
    Veranda 3
    Chairs: Zoltan Arany & Kenneth Walsh
    Andreas Fischer (Heidelberg, Germany)
    Endothelial control of muscle cell metabolism
    Hyo-Soo Kim (Seoul, Korea)
    Resistin - Cap1 axis in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome​
    Ulf Eriksson (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Role of VEGF-B signaling in diabetic complications
    Short talk: Xuri Li (Guangzhou, China)
    Novel function of VEGF-B in tethering the FGF2/FGFR1 pathway
    Short talk: Peppi Koivunen (Oulu, Finland)
    Lower hemoglobin levels associate with lower body mass index and healthier metabolic profile

12:15-12:45   Lunch
12:30-13:00   Lunch Seminar
    Sponsored by Aerpio Pharmaceuticals - Targeting the Tie2 pathway for novel therapeutics
    Chairs: Kevin Peters
    Peter Campochiaro (Baltimore, MD, USA)
    Targeting the Tie2 pathway for retinal and choroidal vascular diseases
12:45-14:15   Poster session I

    Parallel sessions 5-8
14:15-16:00   Parallel session 5: Vascular inflammation
    Helsinki Hall
    Chairs: Jozef Dulak & Dietmar Vestweber
    Beat Imhof (Geneve, Switzerland)
    Novel mechanisms in acute and chronic vascular inflammation
    Sirpa Jalkanen (Turku, Finland)
    New tools to prevent vascular leakage
    Britta Engelhardt (Bern, Switzerland)
    Brain barriers control immune surveillance of the CNS
    Short talk: Jennifer Gamble (Sydney, Australia)
    Therapeutic manipulation of VE-cadherin

14:15-16:00   Parallel session 6: Mechanotransduction & ECM
    Veranda 1
    Chairs: Tatiana Byzova & Claudio Franco
    Stefan Offermanns (Bad Nauheim, Germany)
    GPCRs and downstream signaling in endothelial mechanotransduction
    Martin A. Schwartz (New Haven, CT, USA)
    Fluid shear stress in endothelial phenotype and function
    Yu Huang (Hong Kong, China)
    Endothelial mechanical stress, inflammation and atherogenesis
    Short talk: Anne-Clemence Vion (Nantes, France)
    Primary cilia sensitize endothelial cells to BMP and prevent excessive vascular regression

14:15-16:00   Parallel session 7: Vessel development & stability
    Sponsored by Aerpio Pharmaceuticals - Targeting the Tie2 pathway for novel therapeutics
    Veranda 2
    Chairs: Christopher Kontos & Anna Randi
    Samir Parikh (Boston, MA, USA)
    Coagulation and hemostasis during inflammation
    Yvonne Reiss (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
    Improved survival in a glioblastoma model by a combination of anti-angiogenic and immune checkpoint therapy
    Yulong He (Jiangsu, China)
    Tie2 in the regulation of angiogenesis and lymphatic formation
    Short talk: Lauri Eklund (Oulu, Finland)
    Venous specific development and fluid homeostasis in the retina

14:15-16:00   Parallel session 8: Lymphatic specification & morphogenesis
    Veranda 3
    Chairs: Dontscho Kerjaschki & Taija Mäkinen
    Guillermo Oliver (Chicago, IL, USA)
    Lumen formation and maintenance in the lymphatic vasculature
    Natasha Harvey (Adelaide, Australia)
    Dissecting gene function in lymphatic vessel morphogenesis
    Friedemann Kiefer (Münster, Germany)
    Importance of VE-cadherin in the maintenance of specific lymphatic vessel beds
    Short talk: Michael Jeltsch (Helsinki, Finland)
    All you ever wanted to know about vascular endothelial growth factor-C processing

16:00-16:30   Coffee Break

16:30-17:50   Plenary session III
    Co-sponsored by Aerpio Pharmaceuticals - Targeting the Tie2 pathway for novel therapeutics
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Chairs: Ralf Adams & Debabrata Mukhopadhyay
    Holger Gerhardt (Berlin, Germany)
    Principles and regulation of endothelial cell dynamics in angiogenesis
    Naoki Mochizuki (Osaka, Japan)
    Ang1/Ang2-Tie1/Tie2 signaling for hematovascular development in zebrafish
18:30   Reception at Helsinki City Hall

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

8:30-9:50   Plenary session IV
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Chairs: Jan Kitajewski & Curzio Rüegg
    Anne Eichmann (New Haven, CT, USA), The EMBO Keynote Lecture
    Guidance of organ-specific vascular patterning
    Rakesh Jain (Boston, MA, USA)
    Reengineering the tumor microenvironment to improve cancer treatment: Bench to bedside
9:50-10:15   Coffee Break

    Parallel sessions 9-12
10:15-12:15   Parallel session 9: Neurovascular interactions & disease
    Helsinki Hall
    Chairs: Christer Betsholtz & Britta Engelhardt
    Jaime Grutzendler (New Haven, CT, USA)
    In vivo optical interrogation of neurovascular function and pathology
    Chenghua Gu (Boston, MA, USA)
    Interactions of nervous and vascular systems
    Jonathan Kipnis (Charlottesville, VA, USA)
    Meningeal lymphatic network in CNS pathologies
    Short talk: Bong-Ihn Koh (Daejeon, Korea)
    Brain photothrombotic injury induces VEGF-dependent pathologic angiogenesis and sustained vascular leakage
    Short talk: Laurent Jacob (Paris, France)
    Volume imaging of the rachis lymphatic network in rodents

10:15-12:15   Parallel session 10: Endothelial cell metabolism & angiogenesis
    Veranda 1
    Chairs: Riikka Kivelä & William Sessa
    Zoltan Arany (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
    The peculiarities of endothelial metabolism
    Michael Potente (Bad Nauheim, Germany)
    Metabolite signalling in the vascular endothelium
    Peter Carmeliet (Leuven, Belgium)
    Angiogenesis revisited: role and (therapeutic) implications of endothelial metabolism
    Short talk: Bernard M. van den Berg (Leiden, the Netherlands)
    Endothelial glucose metabolism regulates glycocalyx hyaluronan synthesis and thereby vessel stability
    Short talk: Debabrata Mukhopadhyay (Jacksonville, FL, USA)
  Neuropilin-1 maintains dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase 1 expression in endothelial cells and regulates angiotensin II induced-hypertension

10:15-12:15   Parallel session 11: Vascular Signalling
    Sponsored by Eli Lilly
    Veranda 2
    Chairs: Xuri Li & Lena Claesson-Welsh
    Young-Guen Kwon (Seoul, Korea)
    CLEC14A in regulation of VEGFR-dependent signals in the vasculature
    Tetsuro Watabe (Tokyo, Japan)
    TGF-β family signals in the formation and maintenance of vascular systems
    Lars Jakobsson (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Endoglin in regulation of vascular patterning and malformation
    Short talk: Emma Gordon (St. Lucia, Australia)
    Dynamic cell rearrangements guiding vascular growth and stability
    Short talk: Suk-won Jin (New Haven, CT, USA)
    ACVR1/ALK2 enables venous selective pro-angiogenic responses to BMP signaling

10:15-12:15   Parallel session 12: Targeting tumor vasculature
    Sponsored by The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Chairs: Sudhakar Chintharlapalli & Yvonne Reiss
    Michele De Palma (Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Reprogramming tumor blood vessels for enhancing cancer immunotherapy
    Gabriele Bergers (Leuven, Belgium)
    High-endothelial venules in cancer
    Donald McDonald (San Francisco, CA, USA)
    Vascular targeting by oncolytic vaccinia virus
    Short talk: Stephen Moss (London, UK)
    Pre-clinical development and testing of Magacizumab, a therapeutic antibody against LRG1
    Short talk: Radu V. Stan (Hanover, NH, USA)
  Plasmalemma vesicle associated protein (PLVAP) is a novel target for cancer immunotherapy

12:15-12:45   Lunch
12:45-14:15   Poster session II

    Parallel sessions 13-16
14:15-16:15   Parallel session 13: Cardiovascular disease
    Helsinki Hall
    Chairs: Michael Simons & Seppo Ylä-Herttuala
    Jake Lusis (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
    The power of natural variation: mouse genetics and cardio-metabolic disorders
    Kenneth Walsh (Charlottesville, VA, USA)
    Somatic mutations that drive clonal hematopoiesis and vascular disease
    Stefanie Dimmeler (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
    Regulation of vascular growth by non-coding RNAs
    Short talk: Thomas Korff (Heidelberg, Germany)
    NFAT5/TonEBP - a mechanosensitive transcription factor in vascular smooth muscle cells controlling arterial remodeling
    Short talk: Claudio Franco (Lisbon, Portugal)
    Junctional forces and wall shear stress compete to coordinate collective endothelial cell polarity

14:15-16:15   Parallel session 14: Vascular smooth muscle cells
    Organized in collaboration with European Society of Cardiology
    Veranda 1
    Chairs: Marie-Luce Bochaton-Piallat & Magnus Bäck
    Cecilia Giachelli (Seattle, WA, USA)
    Vascular calcification: new concepts in regulation and therapy
    Gordon Francis (Vancouver, Canada)
    Smooth muscle cells: The silent majority of atherosclerotic lesion foam cells
    Gary Owens (Charlottesville, VA, USA)
    IL1b signaling in smooth muscle cells plays a critical role in atherosclerotic lesion pathogenesis
    Short talk: Muriel Laffarque (Toulouse, France)
    PI3Kγ-dependent T cell response delays endothelial healing and reveals a novel role for arterial CXCL10
    Short talk: Angela Bradshaw (Glasgow, UK)
    TGFβ signaling via ALK1 and ALK5 regulates distinct functional pathways in vein graft intimal hyperplasia
16:30-18:30   European Society of Cardiology round table
    Veranda 1

14:15-16:15   Parallel session 15: Lymphangiogenesis
    Veranda 2
    Chairs: Agnes Noel & Tatiana Petrova
    Taija Mäkinen (Uppsala, Sweden)
    Mechanisms of sprouting lymphangiogenesis
    Stefan Schulte-Merker (Münster, Germany)
    Functional analysis of brain lymphatic endothelial cells
    Ben Hogan (Brisbane, Australia)
    New mechanisms of lymphatic vascular development from zebrafish
    Short talk: Raghu Kataru (New York, NY, USA)
    Critical role of tumor lymphatic function in regulating tumor inflammatory and immunosuppressive microenvironment
    Short talk: Akira Takeda (Turku, Finland)
    A new type of lymphatic endothelial cells in the medulla of lymph nodes

14:15-16:15   Parallel session 16: Tumor angiogenesis
    Sponsored by The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Chairs: Anna Dimberg & Eli Keshet
    Gavin Thurston (Tarrytown, NY, USA)
    Delta-Notch interactions between stromal cells and tumor cells
    Nobuyuki Takakura (Osaka, Japan)
    Vascular promotion by LPA4 activation improves the malignant tumor microenvironment
    Kristian Pietras (Lund, Sweden)
    Blood vessel control of the malignant phenotype
    Short talk: Amanda Lund (Portland, OR, USA)
    IFNγ-dependent activation of dermal lymphatic vessels limits cytotoxic immunity in malignant and inflamed skin
    Short talk: Giorgio Seano (Paris, France)
    In vivo dynamics and targeting of vessel co-option in glioblastoma

16:15-16:45   Coffee Break

16:45-18:05   Plenary session V
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Chairs: Stephane Germain & Mark Kahn
    William Sessa (New Haven, CT, USA)
    The interfaces of endothelial function and lipid metabolism
    Ralf Adams (Münster, Germany)
    Vascular cell heterogeneity and functional specialization
18:10-19:10   Showcases
    Veranda 2
18:10-18:40   Showcase by Bio-Rad Laboratories
18:40-19:10   Jean Habyarimana, Janvier Labs
Breeder's expertise and its contribution in cardio and vascular research
18:10-19:10   Meet the Editors
    Helsinki Hall

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

8:30-9:50   Plenary session VI
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Chairs: Elisabetta Dejana & Vesa Kiviniemi
    Maiken Nedergaard (Copenhagen, Denmark & Rochester, NY, USA)
    The glymphatic system
    Mark Kahn (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
    Signaling pathways in vascular disease
9:50-10:15   Coffee Break

    Parallel sessions 17-20
10:15-12:15   Parallel session 17: Leukocyte trafficking & endothelial barrier function
    Helsinki Hall
    Chairs: Jennifer Gamble & David Jackson
    Cornelia Halin (Zurich, Switzerland)
    Leukocyte migration through afferent lymphatic vessels
    Jaap van Buul (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    How leukocytes cross the endothelium: the actin link
    Short talk: Masataka Majima (Kanagawa, Japan)
    Microenvironmental BLT1-signaling facilitates tumor-associated angiogenesis via inducing mast cell recruitment
    Short talk: William A. Muller (Chicago, IL, USA)
    The role of the PECAM/VE-cadherin/VEGFR2 mechanosensing complex in initiating transendothelial migration
    Short talk: Arie Horowitz (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
    MPDZ trafficking underlies endothelial cell junction dynamics
    Short talk: Mark Richards (Uppsala, Sweden)
    Identification of permeability permissive vessels and their molecular markers using correlative intravital imaging

10:15-12:15   Parallel session 18: Novel functions of lymphatic vessels
    Veranda 1
    Chairs: Mark Achen & Jörg Wilting
    Barbara Garmy-Susini (Toulouse, France)
    Lymphatic system: a novel actor in cancer-associated cachexia
    Ebba Brakenhielm (Rouen, France)
    Cardiac lymphangiogenesis in cardiovascular diseases
    Dontscho Kerjaschki (Vienna, Austria)
    Lymph node blood vessels provide exit routes for metastatic tumor cell dissemination in mice
    Short talk: Timothy Padera (Cambridge, MA, USA)
    Lymph node metastases as a source for distant metastases
    Short talk: Agnès Noel (Liège, Belgium)
    uPARAP/endo180: a novel partner of VEGFR-2/R-3 that controls VEGF-C-induced lymphatic sprouting

10:15-12:15   Parallel session 19: Angiogenesis
    Veranda 2
    Chairs: Holger Gerhardt & Valentin Djonvo
    Victoria Bautch (Chapel Hill, NC, USA)
    How blood vessels control their destiny
    Yoshiaki Kubota (Tokyo, Japan)
    Cell-to-cell communication in retinal vascular development
    Rui Benedito (Madrid, Spain)
    High mitogenic stimulus induced by VEGF or Notch inhibition arrests angiogenesis
    Short talk: Alessandro Fantin (London, UK)
    Erythro-myeloid progenitors contribute endothelial cells to developing vasculature
    Short talk: Osamu Nakagawa (Osaka, Japan)
    Significance of the Hey family of transcription factors during cardiovascular development

10:15-12:15   Parallel session 20: Mechanisms of vascular disease
    Veranda 3
    Chairs: Andreas Bikfalvi & Karen Hirschi
    Michael Dellinger (Dallas, TX, USA)
    Lymphatic vessels and vanishing bones: characterization of an animal model of Gorham-Stout disease
    Mariona Graupera (Barcelona, Spain)
    Role of oncogenic PI3K in endothelium-related diseases
    Goo Taeg Oh (Seoul, Korea)
    Atherogenesis protection by a novel cytokine produced by alternatively activated macrophages
    Short talk: Andrea Banfi (Basel, Switzerland)
    EphrinB2/EphB4 signaling regulates non-sprouting angiogenesis by VEGF
    Short talk: Mia Phillipson (Uppsala, Sweden)
    Perivascular macrophages regulate blood flow following tissue damage

12:15-12:45   Lunch
12:45-14:15   Poster session III

    Parallel sessions 21-24
14:15-16:00   Parallel session 21: Organotypic vasculature
    Helsinki Hall
    Chairs: Natasha Harvey & Gou Young Koh
    Bin Zhou (Shanghai, China)
    Genetic targeting of organ specific endothelial cells
    Tatiana Petrova (Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Organ-specific features and control of lymphatic vasculature
    Karina Yaniv (Rehovot, Israel)
    Differentiation of endothelial cells and formation of organ-specific vascular beds
    Short talk: Mahak Singhal (Heidelberg, Germany)
    Endothelial cell fitness dictates the source of regenerating liver vasculature

14:15-16:00   Parallel session 22: Endothelial regeneration & senescence
    Veranda 1
    Chairs: Lauri Eklund & Shahin Rafii
    Jun K. Yamashita (Kyoto, Japan)
    Blood vessels for tissue regeneration
    Luisa Iruela-Arispe (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
    Molecular mechanisms of endothelial regeneration
    Mike Sapieha (Montreal, Canada)
    Cellular senescence and angiogenesis
    Short talk: Mei Xin (Cincinnati, OH, USA)
    Hippo signaling effector Yap regulates hyaloid vasculature regression in the developing eye

14:15-16:00   Parallel session 23: Vascular physiology & pathology
    Veranda 2
    Chairs: Timothy Hla & Levon Khachigian
    Ingrid Fleming (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
    Inhibition of soluble epoxide hydrolase stabilizes endothelial cell-pericyte interactions and prevents diabetic retinopathy
    Randall S Johnson (Cambridge, UK & Stockholm, Sweden)
    The role of hypoxic response in vascular function
    Helge Wiig (Bergen, Norway)
    Extrarenal interstitial sodium storage in extracellular volume and blood pressure homeostasis
    Short talk: Leigh Coultas (Victoria, Australia)
    'Vessel reassembly' in the absence of endothelial apoptosis as a mechanism for revascularising ischemic retinas

14:15-16:00   Parallel session 24: Epigenetics & genetics of vascular differentiation
    Veranda 3
    Chairs: Graeme Birdsey & Risto Kerkelä
    Michael Detmar (Zurich, Switzerland)
    Epigenetic control of vascular differentiation and function
    Anna Randi (London, United Kingdom)
    Transcriptional and epigenetic control of endothelial and tissue homeostasis
    Short talk: Stefania Nicoli (New Haven, CT, USA)
    MicroRNA-dependent regulation of biomechanical genes establish tissue stiffness homeostasis
    Short talk: Minna Kaikkonen-Määttä (Kuopio, Finland)
    Developmentally regulated chromatin interactions orchestrate transcriptional changes in endothelial cells during vasculogenesis and angiogenesis
    Short talk: Ilse Luyckx (Antwerpen, Belgium)
    SMAD2 and SMAD6: two novel genetic players in aortic aneurysm and dissection

16:00-16:30   Coffee Break

16:30-18:50   Plenary session VII & Workshop
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Chairs: Gary Owens & Nobuyuki Takakura
    Michael Simons (New Haven, CT, USA)
    Disease pathogenesis and cell fate: the tale of two cell types
    Workshop on Vascular Single-Cell RNA Sequencing
    Investigators from the vascular biology field will present their latest results and discuss technological challenges and bioinformatics methods in single-cell RNA sequencing.
    Sten Linnarsson (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Inferring cell types and lineages of the mammalian brain from single-cell transcriptomes
    Christer Betsholtz (Uppsala, Sweden)
    Defining mural cell types by single cell RNA sequencing
    Short talk: Kevin Brulois (Stanford, CA, USA)
    Single-cell transcriptomics of lymphoid tissue blood endothelial cells
    Short talk: Qi Zhao (Tarrytown, NY, USA)
    Sequencing tumor endothelial cells with 10x Genomics single cell platform
    Short talk: Michael Vanlandewijck (Uppsala, Sweden)
    Blood-brain barrier single-cell transcriptomics with SmartSeq2
    Presentation of IVBM2020 in Seoul
    Hyo-Soo Kim & Gou Young Koh
19:00-   Nordic Night at Allas Sea Pool

Thursday, June 7, 2018

    Parallel sessions 25-28
8:30-9:30   Parallel session 25: Vascular anomalies
    Helsinki Main Hall
    Chairs: Michael Dellinger & Mariona Graupera
    Joyce Bischoff (Boston, MA, USA)
    GNAQ mutant endothelial cells in capillary malformations
    Miikka Vikkula (Brussels, Belgium)
    Signaling defects in fast-flow vascular anomalies

8:30-9:30   Parallel session 26: Clinical translation
    Sponsored by Herantis Pharma
    Veranda 1
    Chairs: Andrea Banfi & Michael Detmar
    Seppo Ylä-Herttuala (Kuopio, Finland)
    VEGFs in therapeutic vascular growth and beyond
    Anne Saarikko (Helsinki, Finland)
    New therapeutic tools for lymphedema treatment

8:30-9:30   Parallel session 27: Arteriogenesis
    Veranda 2
    Chairs: Victoria Bautch & Jun Yamashita
    Kristy Red-Horse (Stanford, CA, USA)
    Arteriogenesis during cardiac development and injury
    Ferdinand Le Noble (Karlsruhe, Germany)
    Flt1 determines lumen formation during arteriogenesis

8:30-9:30   Parallel session 28: Fluid shear stress regulation
    Veranda 3
    Chairs: Injune Kim & Martin Schwartz
    Young-Kwon Hong (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
    Regulation of lymphatic development by fluid flow
    Arndt Siekmann (Münster, Germany)
    Investigating the role of hemodynamic forces in embryonic blood vessel patterning
9:30-10:00   Coffee Break

10:00-12:30   Plenary session VIII
    Sponsored by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
    Finlandia Main Hall
    Poster/Travel awards ceremony, awards sponsored by LE&RN, NAVBO, EVBO, French Angiogenesis Society, EMBO Molecular Medicine, JVBMO & Wihuri Research Institute
    Chairs: Naoki Mochizuki & Bin Zhou
    Shahin Rafii (New York, NY, USA)
    Molecular determinants of vascular heterogeneity development
    Didier Stainier (Bad Nauheim, Germany)
    Vascular development in zebrafish and mouse
    Timothy Hla (Boston, MA, USA)
    Signaling and gene expression mechanisms of endothelial injury

Program at a Glance