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Core facilities supported by CoE

Molecular Imaging Unit (MIU)
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Fully equipped imaging facility with live cell, confocal and high content imaging and analysis.
Director: Marikki Laiho
Coordinator: Anne Vaahtokari
Image analyst: Ville Rantanen
Biomedicum Virus Core Facility (BVC)
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Retro-, lenti- and AAV viruses.
Juha Klefström and Katri Pajusola
Biomedicum Sequencing Unit (BSU)
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Tapio Tainola
Äkta Explorer FPLC Core Facility (FPLC)
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Michael Jeltsch, Marko Hyytiäinen

Other Biomedicum Helsinki Core Facilities x x to the Biomedicum Helsinki Cores -pages

  • Animal Core Facility and Transgenic Animal Facility
  • Biomedicum Biochip Center (BBC)
  • Biomedicum Bioinformatics Unit (BBU)
  • Biomedicum Cell Imaging Cluster (BCIC)
  • Biomedicum FACS Core (FACSAria)
  • Cell- and Protein Production Unit
  • Functional NMRi
  • High Throughput Center
  • In Situ Hybridisation Service Unit
  • Protein Chemistry/Proteomics Unit
  • Protein Interaction Laboratory

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