Cancer and Control of Genomic Integrity (CANGENIN)












Short-Term Scientific Missions  (STSMs):

CANGENIN provides funding for exchange visits, so called Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs). The STSMs are intended to provide young scientists (Ph.D. students, postdocs) an opportunity to visit an Action member laboratory in another COST member state in order to foster collaboration, to learn a new technique or to use methods not available in their own institution/laboratory. 

A simplified step-by-step guide for the STSM application can be accessed HERE and more details are found in the COST STSM guidelines (Check COST vademecum Part B –Grant System, chapter 4).

Please note that no STSM can be supported after May 20th,  2012.
Please read the step-by-step quide.

The STSM Assessment Panel consists of: Bodil Norrild (Denmark), Carina Holmberg-Still (Finland), Jon Jonkers (The Netherlands) and Regine Schneider-Stock (Germany).

Awarded STSMs:

  • Mateusz Kusak, Poland
  • Fedor Nikulenkov, Sweden
  • Maciej Kocylowski, Switzerland
  • Christina Raftopoulou, Greece
  • Henok Kassahun, Norway
  • Asta Scesnaite, Lithuania
  • Maja Mujic, Norway
  • Bilge Debelec-Butuner, Turkey
  • Ivana Grbesa, Croatia
  • Ana Rita Carlos, UK
  • Peter Erdeleyi, Hungary
  • Ana Podolski-Renic, Serbia
  • Geert Hamer, Finland
  • Asta Scesnaite, Lithuania
  • Jose Escandell Planells, UK
  • Bastiaan Evers, UK
  • Frederik Koepper, Germany
  • Veena Jagannathan, Germany
  • Sabine Knaup, Germany
  • Jelena Ivanovska, Germany
  • Katrin Rein, Spain
  • Karolis Matjošaitis, Lithuania


May 25, 2012