The abstract submission to IVBM2018 is now closed. The meeting received over 680 abstracts, thank you for all who submitted their work. Please remember that the author(s) presenting the abstract/poster must register for the meeting.

Poster acceptance

 A high number of high quality abstracts describing novel findings were received. The organizers are still sorting the abstracts into the sessions together with the International Scientific Program Committee and Session Chairs.

Authors have be notified on April 13, 2018, if their abstract has been selected as a poster presentation at the IVBM2018. The date of poster presentations, poster numbers and detailed instructions for poster presentation will be sent via e-mail to the submitting author by Appril 25, 2018.

The abstract selections for Short Talk presentations, and the time of the presentations, will be announced via e-mail by April 18, 2018. a short talk.

Authors of late-breaking abstracts will be notified by May 9, if their abstract has been selected as a poster presentation.

The poster sessions will be from 12:45 to 14:15 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (June 4-6). A different set of posters is presented each day. The poster sessions are indicated in the IVBM2018 program. Please note that the abstract withdrawal deadline is April 20, 2018.

How to submit

All abstracts must be submitted electronically via the online submission system.

Abstract submission opens: October 15, 2017
Abstract submission closes: March 19, 2018

Late-breaking abstract submission closes: May 7, 2018

To start the submission, create a new account and make sure to give your current email address. You should choose a password that you will remember for a future log-in. Further instructions are given as you proceed with your submission.

Only three bullet points of each abstract will be published in the Meeting App and electronic program, subject to the author’s confirmation of presenting the paper and registering as a paid delegate latest by May 4, 2018. The accepted abstracts will be published as typed by the author.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact the congress secretariat directly at

Instructions for abstract submission

  • Abstract title
    • Please provide short and informative title (max 15 words)
    • The title should be typed in using small letters, title starting with a capital letter.
  • Authors and affiliations
    • Please fill in the author details as requested on the form: Affiliation (organization), Country, First name and Last name. Kindly mark only one author as the presenter.
  • Three bullet points (max 20 words each), concluding the highlights of the abstract
    • Only the bullet points will be published in the app and program!
    • Do not include the title, authors or author affiliations in the bullet points.
    • Please number the bullet points as 1., 2. and 3.
  • The abstract
    • Maximum of 250 words excluding the title, author information, and affiliations.
    • Do not include the title, authors or author affiliations in the body of the abstract.
    • Please write in clear English.
    • The abstract should contain the objective of the study, methods, results and conclusions. Photographs, tables or references should not be included.
    • Please provide explanations of any abbreviations.
    • The full text of the abstract will not be published, but will be used for selection of the short talks and will assist poster prize selections.
  • Please indicate if you would like to be considered for a short talk based on your abstract.
  • Topic category of the abstract:
    • Angiogenesis & arteriogenesis
    • Angiogenic mechanisms & development
    • Atherosclerosis          
    • Blood-brain barrier
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Coronary vasculature
    • ECM & mechanotransduction
    • Endothelial metabolism
    • Genetics, epigenetics & genetic diseases
    • Hematovascular differentiation
    • Hypoxia
    • Inflammation & immunity
    • Lipid signaling & metabolism
    • Lymphangiogenesis development
    • Lymphangiogenesis signaling & mechanisms
    • Lymphatic disease
    • Metabolic disease
    • Microcirculation
    • Neurovascular interactions & disease
    • Non-coding RNA
    • Obesity & diabetes
    • Organotypic vasculature
    • Pathological angiogenesis
    • Pericytes & smooth muscle cells
    • Platelets
    • Stem cells
    • Therapeutic angiogenesis and regeneration
    • Thrombosis, leukocytes & vascular cells
    • Tumor angiogenesis
    • Vascular aging, fibrosis & calcification
    • Vascular bed heterogeneity
    • Vascular imaging
    • Vascular malformations
    • Vascular permeability
    • Vascular signalling
    • Vascular therapeutics
    • Vascular wall

The size of the poster board is 160 cm (height) x 95 cm (width), equal to 62 inch x 37 inch

Terms and conditions

When submitting an abstract all presenters agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I confirm that each author / presenter listed agrees with the content of this abstract and has given permission to be listed as an author / presenter.
  • I understand that with abstract submission, I am required to complete a congress registration. I understand that my abstract will not be published until my registration and full payment have been received.
  • I hereby provide permission for the Organizers and Committee of the Meeting to publish my abstract bullet points in the Meeting App
  • I understand that my abstract bullet points will be published as submitted and that no editing of grammar or spelling will be undertaken by the Organizing Committee.

The organizers reserve the right to reject abstract because of compelling reasons. In such case, the abstract presenter will be notified.

Submission process

  1. Log in to the abstract submission page. If you have created an account, please use your passwords. If you are logging in for the first time please select the Create New Account - option. Kindly notice that only abstracts submitted using the on-line system can be accepted.
                1. Fill in your e-mail address and your preferred password. Click Create New Account.
                2. Click Update Contact Information and then Create Contact
  2. Select Abstract Submission from the top of the page.
  3. Fill in the requested details:
    1.     Type in the title according to the instructions given.
    2.     Indicate if you would like to considered for a short talk.
    3.     Choose the topic category of the abstract.
    4.     Fill in the author details.
    5.     Type your 3 bullet points to the “Bullet points” text field.
    6.     Type your abstract to the “Abstract” text field. Photographs, tables or references should not be included.
    7.     Preview your abstract and click Continue.
    8.     Accept the terms and conditions and then submit your abstract by clicking Submit.

At any time during the submission process you can click the Save As Draft button to save your incomplete submission and return to it later. You can edit – until the submission deadline - the draft version of your abstract. Once you have clicked “Submit” you can no longer edit your abstract.
The deadline for abstract submission is March 19, 2018.
After this date, you can no longer submit or edit an abstract.