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Meilahti Clinical Proteomics Core Facility

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Biomedicum Helsinki Unit

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FI-00014 University of Helsinki

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Haartman Institute Unit

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PO Box 21 (Haartmaninkatu 21)
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Biocentrum Helsinki

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While the genome provides the master code for life, proteins (greek “proteios”, primary) represent the basic building blocks of living organisms. It is apparent that proteins represent a far more dynamic challenge for investigators than genes.  In addition to a sequence, proteins have individual physiological properties, distinct structures, varying posttranslational modifications and interacting ligands. Genomes examined to date reveal protein sequences that hold the key to understand human biological processes, but for which there are no structural or functional correlates. This has given rise to the science of proteomics, with the emphasis now shifting to the protein compliment of the human organism.

Keeping up to date on the latest techniques in protein chemistry is of prime interest to the protein chemist. The myriad problems encountered during the identification, purification and characterization on minute amounts of protein of great biological interest continue to challenge protein chemists, not to talk about those scientists who are not familiar with the wide range of new and sophisticated tehnologies provided for a protein chemistry laboratory of today. Thus, several research centers have desided to built up core facilities to overcome some of these problems. The interest on national level is highlighted by the generous impact of national grant resourches, such as the Academy of Finland and the Ministry of education.

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