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Meilahti Clinical Proteomics Core Facility

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Biomedicum Helsinki Unit

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PO Box 63 (Haartmaninkatu 8)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

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Haartmaninkatu 8, 00290 Helsinki


Haartman Institute Unit

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PO Box 21 (Haartmaninkatu 21)
00014 University of Helsinki

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Haartmaninkatu 3, 00290 Helsinki


Biocentrum Helsinki

Biocenter Finland



Services and how to apply?

Clinical - and Basic Proteomics

Meilahti Clinical Proteomics Core Facility provides the customers with several options of Sample Analysis. We have the possibility to do very basic analyses starting from identifying just a protein band on a gel or a soluble protein - or peptide sample. But we can also provide you with a full service on a clinical sample set-up starting from telling you how to collect relevant samples for your experiment, how to store them and how to analyze them. Finally we are also able to provide you with some selected analyses on the data you will collect in terms of statistical analyses and Systems Biology.


One of our special areas is to study the protein glycosylations. This particular field of proteomics is often called glycoproteomics. Such analyses would include location and identification of N-linked glycopeptides and the composition of the N-glycans.

Imaging Mass Spectrometry and LCM

A second specialty of our lab is Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI). With this technology we are able to study the spatial distribution of proteins, peptides and metabolites directly on tissue slices. Such analyses can be performed by direct MALDI (Matrix Assisted Laser Dissociation Ionization) analyses combined with Ion Mobility and high-resolution Tof (time-of-flight) MS.

General Services

Our Services include e.g. single - and high-throughput protein identification by mass spectrometry (MS)(LC-MS, MALDI-MS, TOF, TOF/TOF), MALDI-Imaging, protein purification by liquid chromatography (micro/nano-LC) and gel electrophoresis (GE), protein analysis by 1- and 2-dimensional GE, protein/peptide sequencing by MS, protein interaction studies by MS and native PAGE shift analyses, limited and controlled protein fragmentation, secondary modification analyses by MS, large-scale affinity-based protein separations, micro-chip based protein analyses etc.

How to send samples?

We accept samples in various forms, dry, wet, soluble, frozen all dependent on the requested analyses to be done.

Here the Instructions step-by-step

Download one of the following sample submission forms. The first one is for normal proteomics analyses and the second specific for Glycoproteomics analyses. Fill up to the form and send it to us in electronic form and also attach a copy of it to your sample shipment.

Normal Proteomics Analyses form (click here)

Special form for Glycoproteomics (click here)

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