Research Group Principal Investigator

    Petteri Arstila, MD, PhD

    Haartman Institute
    Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, Room B329
    P.O. Box 21, Haartmaninkatu 3 00014 University of Helsinki

    Tel: +358 2941 26892
    Email: petteri.arstila [at]

Contact Information

Postal Address
Immunobiology Research Program
P.O.Box 21, Haartmaninkatu 3
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Visiting Address
Haartman Institute
Haartmaninkatu 3
00290 Helsinki

Tel. +358 2941 1911 (tel. exchange)
Fax + 358 2941 26382
Email name.lastname [at]

Arstila Group -Presentation

ResearchThe overall goal of our ongoing research is to characterize in detail the origin and consequences of the T cell dysregulation in APECED. Our work on T cell development and homeostasis in healthy donors will contribute to this goal by providing new
information on the pathways likely to affected by the absence of functional AIRE. In particular, the thymic expression of AIRE suggests that the defects in APECED patients arise already during T cell development, a notion strongly supported by murine studies.

More information on Arstila Group's current research projects is available here.